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It's the Sarah Cracknell pictures page!

This page is (predictably enough), dedicated to pictures and photos of the sexy Miss Cracknell. Hope you like them, and if you have any pictures you would like to donate, then please let me know! The video caps taken from Sarah's performance of "Anymore" on the Big Breakfast in July 1996, the video for the St Etienne hit "Sylvie", and the subsequent Top of the Pops appearance, and from the videos of St Etienne hits "You're in a bad way", "Hobart Paving", "Hug My Soul", "Like a motorway" and "I'm Too Sexy" are courtesy of Darren Meldrum, the photo of Sarah at the Radio One roadshow is courtesy of Lee Harland, the signing photo is courtesy of David Bellamy, the Lipslide and TYTD scans are courtesy of Tobbe, and the US live show pics are courtesy of Tika Bordelon and Christine (EuropopGrrl!), and the pictures from NYC Bowery Ballroom are courtesy of Secret Chris, superstars extraordinaire!
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Taken from B/W pic of Sarah with her bandmates

Sarah on Big Breakfast
big brekkie 2

bigbrekkie 3
big brekkie 4

sylvie 1
sylvie 2

sylvie 3
Sarah on TOTP

Sarah on TOTP
Sarah on TOTP

bad way 1
bad way 2

bad way 3
hobart 1

hobart 2
hugmysoul 1

hugmysoul 2
hugmysoul 3

hugmysoul 4
likemotorway 1

likemotorway 2
likemotorway 4

toosexy 1
toosexy 2

Sarah at radio1 roadshow sarah at r1 roadshow

sarah at r1 roadshow sarah at R1 roadshow

St Etienne at HMV signing, London Sarah by Norn Cutson

Sarah, from Lipslide cover, courtesy of Tobbe, Avenue

Sarah in Nerja, Spain, from TYTD cover, courtesy of Tobbe, Avenue

Sarah live in San Francisco, courtesy of Christine
Sarah in SF, Dec 1998

Sarah in SF
Lipslide cover, courtesy of Tobbe

Sarah before the SF show, courtesy of Tika
Tika and Sarah

signed St Et pic

Sarah pic from live US shows from Secretchris!
sarah live in the US @ Bowery Ballroom; 23/5/99

sarah live in the us, courtesy of Secretchris courtesy of Secretchris